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View Diary: Comcast admits what everyone in a TWC/Comcast market already knows: there is no competition (125 comments)

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  •  Comcast dishonest enough without your lying, too (0+ / 0-)

    "TimeWarner owns:

    - Time Warner Cable SportsNet
    - Time Warner Cable Deportes
    - SportsNet LA
    - 26 local news channels
    - 16 local sports channels
    - Turner Broadcasting
    - Warner Brothers studios
    - The WB and Kids WB
    - Cartoon Network
    - Adult Swim
    - HBO
    - New Line Cinema
    - CNN"

    Even before Time Warner spun off Time Warner Cable as A COMPLETELY SEPARATE COMPANY, it was a subsidiary of parent Time Warner, Inc.  If the merger should go through NONE of the channels owned by Time Warner, Inc. -- not CNN, Turner Broadcasting, the Cartoon Network -- NONE of it will be a part of the new cable entity, nor will that entity enjoy preferential pricing to carry those services.

    I'm against the merger, too, but lying about or misrepresenting its details and circumstances doesn't do its opponents any credit.

    Oh, and Akadjian, you might also have spelled Illinois Senator Dick Durbin's name correctly.

    Do your homework before you write this stuff.

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