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View Diary: NOM's Potentially Dangerous Rhetoric Against The LGBT Community (21 comments)

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    If anyone wants to read about real witch hunts during the McCarthy era, I highly recommend The Lavender Scare, by David K. Johnson, which details how the hunt for communists in the federal government during the Cold War ended up costing far more gays and lesbians (and those suspected of being gay or lesbian) their jobs.

    The thing is, if the LGBT community really wanted to go after all of those people who contributed to Prop 8 and "punish" them, we've had years to do so. The donor lists, per California law, are public (and not leaked by the IRS, as claimed by some anti-gay activists when discussing the Eich situation) and we could have systematically targeted any and all of them. We haven't. No major gay group is arguing that people should lose their jobs for supporting such amendments or for voting for them. It is the other side that wants the right to refuse us service, housing and employment because they find us icky. Serious projection going on.

    I also have some fear, though, that as equality moves through the nation and the hard right get shriller and shriller. Sure, most people will tune them out, but all it takes is one unbalanced person to believe their rhetoric, and people will die. It's happened before.

    Cruelty might be very human, and it might be very cultural, but it's not acceptable.- Jodie Foster

    by CPT Doom on Fri Apr 11, 2014 at 08:22:58 AM PDT

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