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  •  Small is beautiful, kid (17+ / 0-)

    Always was, will be more than ever

    Big is for Tejas's oilboyz and Wall Street junkies and best be discarded, right quick.

    Voluntary cooperation is the clearest pathway I see to getting that beautiful smallness. Big Greed and Corruption blocks our way.  Flush the greed, flush the piracy, and income equality and justice again become possibilities. It has happened before and can happen again if we want it to.

    All it takes is will, organization, courage and demands plus the clear understanding of what the powers that be will do to oppose those efforts. That is why courage is a necessity.

    Here's to the glorious pessimists who still fight for optimism and better days. If you are walking with a grim slit on your face, it's because you give a shit that things are falling down and don't think that bullshit happy talk is a plan. - LHM

    by cosmic debris on Thu Apr 10, 2014 at 06:41:46 PM PDT

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