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  •  Focusing on our nations college 'kids' is crucial (3+ / 0-)
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    kid oakland, Tool, hbk

    For 2014 and beyond. We need the Govt. to buy up their obscene amounts of college debt. We also need campaign reforrm that eliminates the need to buy a seat through mostly public election funding along with hard, caps on how much 'free speech' one is allowed to spend in any given year. Limiting campaign seasons too.

    Until we have numbers in Washington to tax the wealthiest at high rates as we used to, tax capital gains over a couple million at the same rate as labor, and close most of the corporate loopholes, none of the above will happen. Not within the next few years, for certain.

     It won't happen without greater numbers at the polls and a growing commitment from better Dems to give political influence mostly back into the hands of the citizens who vote them in.

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