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View Diary: Industrial agriculture is killing Monarch butterflies says Ellen Moyer (65 comments)

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    Thanks, Lenny!  Here is the link:

    A part that got edited out, to make the article shorter and more focused, had to do with the whole jobs thing.  Funny how we only care about jobs that destroy natural resources.  Here is what I have to say about logging jobs, which are the second most hazardous occupation after fishing, according to the government:

    "Logging jobs are treated as sacrosanct. Logging proponents will often say we have to allow logging in order to support jobs in rural areas, jobs which are dangerous  and few, due to mechanized logging. If jobs really were a driver, more labor-intensive sustainable logging would be practiced instead of mechanized clear-cutting. Plus, no one else in American gets job security. Companies do not establish typing pools to employ secretaries. Companies get tax breaks to move jobs overseas. Our country does not much care if teachers, possibly our most valuable employees, lose their jobs. Why should loggers enjoy special status?"

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