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  •  Early on music during Late Night with Dave was.... (5+ / 0-)

    a bit rocky at best in my experience. I was working as the production manager for Peter Tosh when he appeared on David's show in the early 80's. This show was on NBC in the 12:30AM time slot. My bad day started at around 2AM before load in when the monitor mix enginneer (one of Peter's sound crew) got appendicitis and I took him over for what turned out to be emergency surgurey at St. Vincents in NYC. Later that morning at 7 AM we were loading in and the head sound person from Leterman's show (a lady named Robin) told me that there was going to be trouble due to the crew being pissed off about management not adding enough stage hands to accomodate the extra labor involved with another entire band set up on the show. We brought the band's back line gear and stage sound gear. ( microphones and monitors ) Well, long story short. The NBC sound crew fubar'd everything and the band was not able to play during the regular time for the show. After David interviewed Robin Williams Peter's band tried to play and there was wall to wall buzz in the sound systems. After a while they gave up and recorded an ending for the show then sent the audience home. Then after about two more hours the technical problems were sorted and the band recorded the song in front of an empty studio. This is what came out of that.

    I have a two good memories from that day. Paul Schaffer helping me assemble microphone stands in the hall outside the studio and the "suits" from NBC getting worked up over Peter and the band guys stinking up the place with herb smoke.

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