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View Diary: Obama & Syria: Lies and deception now institutionalized (126 comments)

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  •  Yes, I did read the fine print (1+ / 0-)
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    There are not that many millions on that one page.  The overwhelming majority of grants are very small. My point stands.

    But I guess I'm rather more confused by your concern that diplomacy supporting Ukraine and Poland (!) membership in the EU is somehow a nefarious plot.  Perhaps you feel that bringing Poland under the NATO umbrella was a bad thing, or something resisted by the Poles?  I am confused by that.  I think that the overwhelming desire of the Poles was to join Europe and avoid Russian domination.  That is a bad thing?  Am I missing something? Are you honestly suggesting that it was a mistake to help Poland join the EU?  

    “If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.” Charles Darwin

    by ivorybill on Fri Apr 11, 2014 at 05:04:32 PM PDT

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