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View Diary: Cigarette Smoking as an Indicator of Poverty (96 comments)

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  •  I don't think smoking would often be cheaper (0+ / 0-)

    than the portion of family food money that would be saved by appetite suppression of one adult- $5-$10 dollars per pack, which is often that much per day for many addicted smokers, if not more.  I am sure human nature being what it is, a smoker might tell themselves that for their family it is cost effective to smoke, but it doesn't seem that it would be true usually. I guess they could do the math if the didn't want, more, to push it out of their mind.

    I'm not judging the need to self medicate or to extract pleasure somewhere in one's life. If someone finds an  "oasis of calm and happiness" while living in poverty, maybe it is necessary for them-keeps them from giving up. When life is devoid of many pleasures, people use the ones that are in reach, understandably. I know something about this phenomenon personally, though I am not a smoker. Hard times without much pleasure would make feel impossible to then deprive myself further.

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