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  •  Is it true Republicans suck? And if that is (6+ / 0-)

    repeated 1,000 times a day, will that make it possible for the Democrats to come up with something to run on that would appeal to voters like, I dunno, A Massive Federal Jobs Program.

    Can DailyKos, by breaking the news to Democratic-leaning people that Republicans suck, help get more Democrats elected if the Democratic leadership isn't particularly interested in offering voters what they've been clamoring for for years. Which would be... but can anyone guess?

    I'm mean, I get that the plan is 'to compete in the global marketplace' but that means workers here have to be in the range of slave, child, prison, and $6-a-12-hour-day, labor. And another ten years of widespread under/unemployment might well get us there.

    I try hard to be enthusiastic about the plan, but for some reason I can't get there.

    If only there were a major political website which constantly promoted the awesome Democratic plan which takes us out of the downward spiral the voters are in. Do you know of any place which plans to do that before the election?

    Because, I gotta tell you, 'Republicans suck for the ten-thousandth time' ain't really a plan to win elections.

    When the Oceans rise, what's the plan for moving the nuke plants? Anyone?

    by Jim P on Fri Apr 11, 2014 at 02:59:55 PM PDT

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