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  •  My goodness (0+ / 0-)

    we can remove a CEO for having just barely, slightly different, views than the prudent. By all means persecute the guy for that. He IS being persecuted- run out of a position for his legal beliefs. Again I am not up in arms over this, but it is just so, fundie:. "Heretic! He does not believe the same as we do now (although we did too 5 years ago) lets make sure he cannot be a CEO".

    it isn't a red herring, his private views resulted in a hypocritical campaign to remove him as CEo by another CEo.

    The voters who cared enough about the issue to vote made their views known. You got the red herrings there.

    Sure I do, but it doesn't mean I SHOULD.

    •  We'll have to agree to disagree. (2+ / 0-)
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      Tonedevil, anon004

      I've answered your points and made mine.

      I'll even address one more, since you brought it up, with this question: "SHOULD" you continue support of any product/service/company employing someone with whose views you strongly disagree?

      That's for you to decide. In this case, that's what others did, and - again - that's all that's happened here.

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