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View Diary: This is the opposite of safety, Wal-Mart. (76 comments)

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  •  Former APM (3+ / 0-)

    Ok, I cannot speak for your specific store issues but I for one can tell you that the ethic hotline does work. Yes, every store has a Azz-Clown or 2 who got promoted to ASM/Co-manager/Store manager almost accidentally!!! I have since moved on from WM, to a position with much better pay and benefits, however I can definitely recall several ethics calls/letter to the president investigations that cost managers their jobs. I know the popular meme is that WM has based their reporting and internal regulatory system on the Gustapo. However formerly being part of that investigative mechanism I can state that this is an exaggeration. If you don't feel comfortable calling the ethics hotline then you should reach out to your MAPM or DM. Get their corporate email and create a bogus Gmail account and send them an email with photos. I can tell you that this works because, we had someone do this in my former district. Needless to say, "Heads began to roll"!!

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