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    I can see no reason what so ever why after reading this, the Dems should be wishy washy about their support of this law. If they stand up for it, and point out its many benefits, and what would happen if it were to somehow be taken away, I can't see any reason why in supporting this bill, they could lose.
    Goddamn right. They need to beat the GOP to death with this.

    In addition, they need to explain, in plain talk (skip all the abstract 'policy' horseshit) what exactly the vile Paul Ryan's budget would mean to them, ordinary dollars and lost services and opportunities. Make it concrete and plain. No damned mealy-mouthed 'I respect my opponents views' horseshit.

    They need to point out that their opponents, without exception, voted for The Redundant Dishwasher's budget.

    Make these GOP assholes own it all. Scumbag actions must have consequences.

    Lightly Seared On The Reality Grill

    by Retroactive Genius on Sat Apr 12, 2014 at 04:16:00 PM PDT

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