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View Diary: Feminist hates abortion! However... (15 comments)

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  •  I note another member of the GOP brain trust (7+ / 0-)

    has opined that incest should not be grounds for terminating a pregnancy.  The reason behind this?  Well, in his mind, sometimes the incest is consensual and you would not want someone to have a loophole when they were really out there sinning, now would you?

    This reminds me of the DuPont scion who, as part of a plea agreement avoided jail time for molesting his child.  The judge and others agreed that folks such as this guy (6'2" and 250lbs by some reports) do not tend to do well in a prison environment and so ordered him into an outpatient treatment program, which it appears he has blown off:

    Bottom line for abortion is abortion has always been legal for certain members of the social strata, whether it was through "special Saturday clinics" held by the local doc to a plane ticket to Sweden.  However the indigent are so much less moral than the well to do and so have to have moral guidance from their betters, or so the logic tends to run.  

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