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    I'm not suggesting a medical procedure is good primary birth control. It's not. But in what way is early, first trimester abortion this awful, gut wrenching choice? Do we mourn each time a woman begins her period, knowing an opportunity to have fertilized that egg is lost forever? Do we cry at the mere thought that a fertilized egg often passes out of women before they even knew they were pregnant? Why should we lament a non-sentient cluster of cells that a woman aborts? I'm the loving mother of three, and when my peri menopausal body sometimes skips a period, my heart does a bit of panic flutter at the horrifying thought of an unplanned pregnancy, even though my hubby had a vasectomy fifteen years ago. If a magical sperm broke free, I would absolutely abort. Our youngest graduates from high school in six weeks. My husband and I have devoted 25 years to dedicated, thoughtful parenting. WE ARE DONE--or as done as you can be with twenty-something kids. Not starting over, no way, no how.

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