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View Diary: Monica Jones, AZ Transgender woman convicted of the crime "Walking While Trans" (82 comments)

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    Monica had taken diversion and found it useless and degrading. However, because she had taken it once she wasn't eligible a second time. And yes she is a sex-worker and has been active in social work discussions about decriminalisation (along with a lot of other activist causes).

    But... this wasn't an activist 'sting'.  It was just on the eve of her first hearing that the ACLU arrived and put their weight behind her case, so they weren't orchestrating what happened. One (quite credible) version of what happened the night she was arrested is that she found out that a Project Rose sweep was happening and went downtown to try and warn her friends and co-workers that it was about to happen - which put her directly in the line of fire.

    It isn't the circumstances of her arrest that exactly led to her fighting the charges, but rather that she wanted to bring attention to a highly unjust law and also the treatment of Trans sex-workers by Arizona police. It is a brave move as everyone close to this situation is well aware of the circumstances in which a sex-worker (not even trans) died in police custody in Phoenix a few years ago.

    "Both sides are just the same": voter shorthand for "I haven't been paying attention".

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