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  •  Do you think Russia is supplying weapons to the (1+ / 0-)
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    Involuntary Exile

    pro-Russian protestors?

    Your repeated claims to know what the intentions of Russia are are not plausible. I have no question that they are stirring the pot.
    What do you base this on? You have some sort of inside information? Care to give a link?

    Eastern Ukraine has very long historical ties with Russia which is why the main language is Russian. Most of their trade is with Russia rather than with the eastern parts or the EU. There were no visa requirements to cross between the two countries.

    No stirring required. The pot has been simmering for decades. The real shit disturbers came from the west.

    This one map helps explain Ukraine’s protests
    No single datapoint could capture or explain all of that. But the map below comes perhaps as close as anything could. It shows Ukraine, color-coded by the country's major ethnic and linguistic divisions. Below, I explain why this map is so important and why it helps to tell Ukraine's story. The short version: Ukraine's politics have long been divided into two major factions by the country's demographics. What's happening right now is in many ways a product of that division, which has never really been reconciled.
    To see what I mean, check out these two maps that show the results of Ukraine's 2004 and 2010 presidential elections, both of which were very close. Yanukovych lost the 2004 vote (on the second round of voting, that is; the first round was annulled after protests over fraud allegations) by 52 to 44. But he won in 2010 by 49 to 45 percent. In both cases, you can see a clear and consistent regional divide. Maps of other presidential and parliamentary elections look very similar.
    •  If you want to believe that their hands (2+ / 0-)
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      amyzex, Dr Swig Mcjigger

      are totally clean and that they are utterly blameless in this situation then that is your choice. But in light of their actions in Crimea among other things that it is not a belief that many people in this world are prepared to join you in.

      There is much to criticize the US and other western countries for in this situation. But, trying to portray Russia as an innocent victim just doesn't fly. It is possible to have two bad guys in the same plot.

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