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  •  There are so many assumptions about the homeless. (1+ / 0-)
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    JG in MD

    The people I have known who became homeless had things happen to them that were beyond their control.  They lost jobs, got sick, were told there was work when there wasn't, or were kids thrown out by their parents.  The last happens more than people realize.  I have taken in a few.  Most are in family situations that aren't their fault, like divorce or infidelity, or drug addicted or alchole addicted parents.  The kids either act out to get attention or rebel against the actions of their parents and get thrown out.  One young man we took in was just 14, his mom in a mental hospital, his dad cheating on her with another woman, getting a divorce.  His grandparents, who had been his island of retreat when things got bad at home had died.  He was alone.  He was a past boyfriend of my friend's daughter.  I had gotten to know him through them.  My husband found him sleeping in a nearby woods, and brought him home.  He lived at my house off and on for the next 6 years.  He called me mom.  He made up with his real mom, but he and his dad never reconciled.  He has since married and divorced, has a son, is disabled from too many years smoking (emphesema) and is now living in a nursing home.  If he showed up on my steps tonight I would welcome him home.  He is one of my sons.  How many others out there are there, just like him, who have no one to care about them?  Homelessness is one of the things that really stir me up.  This country should have no one homeless unless they really want to be.  We should be ashamed of it.  The problem has grown tremendously over the last few decades.  Many are young, not just old, or sick, or mentally ill.  But they will become sick, old and mentally ill before their time.  Homelessness does that to you.  Most churches don't do what is needed, and could.  

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