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View Diary: The Price Of A Successful Attack Is A Constructive Alternative. Rules for Radicals by Alinsky (21 comments)

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  •  The current crop of know-nothing, purportedly (3+ / 0-)

    'conservative' GOP assclowns — full of fiery assaults but NO constructive alternatives and an abject ignorance of both the Constitution and how government is designed to operate on all levels — puts one in mind of a mob of six-year-olds turned loose in a hospital operating theater with the exhortation: "Go for it! The surgical instruments are right there on the table."

    •  You're far too kind./ (1+ / 0-)
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    •  yes ... and they do know, big money buys the best (1+ / 0-)
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      research to do the surgery to dismantle the republic in furtherance of the counter-revolution. I saw a 1940 Wilkie ad on CSPAN, ran against the New Deal as causing high taxes- the GOP has been consistent for 74 years- that's power. How do you beat that? Roberts and Thomas announced they are repealing Art. 1 and Dems don't say that April 2 will live as a day of infamy. After Dred Scott there was a civil war, after McCutcheon and Shelby there is only self-congratulation about civil rights, more speeches about what happened 50 years ago.

      The Dems do not measure up to their legislative legacy even as they commemorate it. At least the GOP brings bills that will never become law in order to define the issues. The Dems just wait for the rapture when either the Court gets flipped or the prayed-for amendment will usher in liberal heaven. Meanwhile FDR and LBJ, the proponents of legislative revolution, and opponents of Court veto, are forgotten. Dems need to catch up with the revolutionary mood of the nation, not keep a lid on it.

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