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    I imagine had Medicare been able to stand alone, it would have been just as controversial.  I'm not even sure we have to guess since folks were predicting it'd be the end of America as we knew it even back then.

    I guess my point is that big, transformative programs like this are generally controversial right out the gate save for a few exceptions in really distinct times.  This idea that this could have been some huge political winner right away seems false to me, no matter how it would have been structured.

    Like Medicare, Obamacare will age well, but I'm not sure I knew anyone that thought this was going to be the issue for Dems to run on.  I don't think Dems forsaw the horrible roll-out, either.  But I think the other narrative is false, too.

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      The Caped Composer, wadingo, LordMike

      people expect it and most people don't even realize how good the gov't is if it's running effectively because it's all but invisible.  Often they take it for granted.

      It's when the gov't doesn't run effectively or when it's lacking that people notice and criticize.  That's why you get idiots with the 'keep the gov't out of my Medicare' signs.  They like the program but don't know it's the gov't running it because it's working.  It's also why tea brained idiots are usually the first ones to decry the poor fed response after a natural disaster or the first to hold their hands out for money to help rebuild after they spent their careers calling for smaller gov't.  

      Obamacare will in the end reach that same point where people will be calling for the gov't to keep out of it and where politicians who call for it's end will be the target of a voter backlash. I think the only way Obamacare would have been a big vote getter for Dems would have been if it was truly transformational and was implemented swiftly.  A Medicare for All type program implemented by 2011 say.  The GOP wouldn't have had a chance to mount a counteroffensive and Medicare is well know and loved.  There wouldn't have been so much confusion and so much opportunity for people to be misled.  But that opportunity was thrown out.  I too never foresaw the vicious backlash but I think that has alot more to do with the GOP tapping into other issues such as race than it does about health insurance.  People were looking to hate the black man in the White House and this issue was the one used to tap into that.  If it wasn't Obamacare it would have been something else.    

      This is your world These are your people You can live for yourself today Or help build tomorrow for everyone -8.75, -8.00

      by DisNoir36 on Tue Apr 15, 2014 at 08:26:48 AM PDT

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