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  •  Would this be the same government whose statistics (0+ / 0-)

    show that inflation is less than 4% and UE is less than 7-8%?

    ALL the negative social statistics (UE, inflation, et al) are cooked and as legitimate as a $3 bill.

    Best rule of thumb is to take whatever "official" number is given for any negative stat and double it.

    •  What statistics should we believe if not those (0+ / 0-)

      collected by the US government?  

      •  Why believe Gov stats that are incomplete? (0+ / 0-)

        I again only 21 states have provided stats. What about the other 29 states? Why doesn't this matter to you? Why are you really doing this? Why? What is your real agenda here? Why would anyone troll a suicide prevention diary whose intent it is to raise public awareness in order to save lives.

        Besides your shameful attempt to try to dehumanize the victims of military and veterans' suicide and their grieving families to mere statistics is shameful enough, but then for you to try to bludgeon people into accepting lied up government statistics is something reminiscent of actions taken in a totalitarian state, where free citizens can't question the government as part of the exercise of democracy itself. The truth is the design of these lied up government statistics is to cover the asses of senior government bureaucrats so as to provide them with job security and continued pay out of large government bonuses. It is intellectually irresponsible to accept that in a study where only 21 states have reported, that the other 29 states don't have to be examined, when in fact they don't report veteran and military suicide on their death certificates, so we don't know how much worse the problem is, than what has been reported by the government's statistics which are only estimates for what may be happening in those other 29 states. It is not a full report, it is not an accurate accounting, and why you would hatefully try to bludgeon people into prostrating ourselves before the altar of  inaccurate govt estimates is beyond belief.

        The fact is the American suicide rate is tragically high even in the general population by international standards, when we consider the easy access for Americans to firearms, as well as lack of mental health care. Whereupon a subset of that tragedy is military and veterans' suicide rates which no one wants to give a complete accounting for in the govt for obvious reasons, so I ask again why would anyone want to troll up a suicide prevention diary, how completely unconscionable of you and indeed how very sad!  

        You ran into a hardcore progressive whos just another working stiff with an MBA degree & vociferous labor union supporter

        by Democrats Ramshield on Wed Apr 23, 2014 at 04:05:06 AM PDT

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