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  •  jeb! has a lot of baggage. (1+ / 0-)
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    First, the family name is a big one.  When he first ran for Governor of Florida, he used "jeb!" as his name (it is actually his initials, for John Ellis Bush) because using his last name would have been a liability.  

    Then, there's the family values issue.  It was speculated widely in Tallahassee that they ran the dumber brother in 2000 because Jeb's widely-rumored infidelity would have been exposed = at the time, his wife was living in Miami, and Jeb reportedly had a mistress with a cushy State job living in Tallahassee.  Then. there was the matter of his wife smuggling a large amount of undeclared jewelry into the country, which was caught by customs officials in Miami but mysteriously resolved - while Jeb was Governor of Florida.

    Of course, his record is a big factor to me.  What he did to Florida during his Governorship - privatization of the usual government functions (prisons, charter schools, government jobs converted to contracted services at greater cost) including the retirement system, increased executions - was reprehensible to me, but would probably win him points with the GOP.  Similarly, his theft of the 2000 election to put his brother into the White House and the defense of his government's action at the cost to the Florida taxpayer should make him political poison to any sane person, but, again, probably makes him a hero to the party.

    I doubt that there would be sufficient support for Jeb to overcome the resistance from the Tea Baggers if only on the immigration issue (and the fact that he married a Mexican), but then I never thought that the US would be stupid enough to elect Reagan, much less his VP (who was in the Iran-Contra scandal up to his ears) or his VP's idiot son.

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