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  •  The confirmation hearing for Sylvia Matthews (2+ / 0-)
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    gtomkins, hbk

    Burwell will be a dog and pony show.

    But she will be easily confirmed. The new rules allow her to be confirmed with 51 votes.

    Not even all the democrats need to vote for her.

    50 + Biden will do it. If Hagan, Landreau, Begich and Pryor are worried about November, they can vote no and she will still be confirmed.

    •  Make it our dog and pony show (0+ / 0-)

      It's great that the pressure is off those hearings in terms of their final outcome.  That means that they can be used to let the Rs hang themselves.  

      We'll have this perfectly reasonable, totally inoffensive, center right (she ran the Walmart Foundation, ferchrissake!) candidate, who has already passed confirmation for her present job at OMB, and the folks who run their party, talk-show hosts, are going to foam at the mouth freak out that she's just like Himmler, Goebbels and Goering combined.  Their Senators will not dare break ranks with that nonsense, so the nation will get yet another chance to see their Republican Party in action spraying its essence, eau de rabies, over everything in sight.  As long as we have a nominee willing to put up with a few months of this nonsense, by all means our side should let it drag on, bend over backwards to let the Rs hash this out at the greatest length possible.  

      But in this case, it's not just that it does our side good to let them throw another tantrum in the spotlight.  Their Congresscritters running for re-election, and their Congresscritter wannabes running for the first time, badly need a break in public attention paid to the ACA in order to let them retune their message on the ACA.  They need it individually in their individual messaging, but they need it even more as a party, to reconcile their total loonies to the electoral need to move away from the rabid anti-ACA position.   Keeping the ACA in the spotlight with prolonged hearings denies them that break.  

      The states must be abolished.

      by gtomkins on Mon Apr 14, 2014 at 10:40:24 AM PDT

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