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View Diary: Liberalism has won, which is why conservatives do what they do (259 comments)

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  •  The verdict's been in for a while just that some (13+ / 0-)

    Democrats have been running for the covers and hiding under Republican talking point. Like "Obamacare rollout was bad, it was bad bad bad!"

    7.5 million people just don't care!

    •  Well Ned, it WAS bad. Even a month after it (0+ / 0-)

      opened, my daughter and son in law could not get on the exchange, and had to buy more expensive insurance from their current insurer with no competition, or be without any health insurance.  Their hope - maybe next year the ACA exchange will be available in Freeport Maine.  
      Of course the fact that Maine has a governor who used full executive power to screw up the ACA did not help, but still, the federal government should be able to provide a workable signup within a month even in a red state.  

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