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View Diary: Liberalism has won, which is why conservatives do what they do (259 comments)

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  •  generally am optimistic (9+ / 0-)

    In my lifetime I have seen conservatives lose constantly.  I went to schools that were newly integrated and I feel that as a light skinned person I feel I got better education when I went to integrated schools than at school that were still trying to stay segregated.

    Ronald Reagan was elected by great support of the evangelicals, but by that election they sanctified the idea of arbitrary divorce and universal remarriage, thereby severely negating their ideas of marriage as sacrement, and the idea of one man and one woman. How can you say that when your president that you still worship to this day had, in strict biblical terms, two wives, or a best a wife and mistress.

    And it goes on from there, until today when a  President of color, and health care for nearly everyone, and conservatives still fighting a losing battle.

    It is not a progressive day every day, but on the aggregate the world is becoming much less accepting of the conservative dogma.  I don't think, for instance, that even Fox news would feel comfortable putting a positive spin on the murder of three people by a old white man, even though I am sure that they will bring up idea of mental health and other reasons why he was not responsible for his actions, which is what normally happens when a white person kills a bunch of other people.

    •  I went to private schools. My kids are in public. (5+ / 0-)
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      It's not that I'm cheap at all.  Well...maybe a little.  No, the public schools in our area are THAT GOOD.  Way better than anything I got when I was there age.

      I went to a religious school.  I counted one day and in elementary school during Lent, we spent more time praying...PRAYING...than we did in math class.

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