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View Diary: Guardian Wins Pulitzer for Snowden/NSA Coverage (259 comments)

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  •  Here's a link to what Brit's been doing (8+ / 0-)

    for many months in live-tweeting the Hacking Trial. It's been put in chrono order so one can read latest last and get a real sense of what's going on. As well as the intelligence, intuition, and perseverance of the writer, who has had meanwhile to conform to the extremely restrictive English laws on speculating about matters under trial.

    Nothing can take away from that accomplishment.

    •  What exactly is the "accomplishment?" (1+ / 0-)
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      Nothing can take away from that accomplishment.
      What award was one?  I really don't know.... I'm asking.

      Dallasdoc: "Snowden is the natural successor to Osama bin Laden as the most consequential person in the world, as his actions have the potential to undo those taken in response to Osama."

      by gooderservice on Mon Apr 14, 2014 at 07:23:07 PM PDT

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      •  The integrity and depth of Brit's reporting (3+ / 0-)
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        Brit, fcvaguy, poco

        on the Leveson Inquiry into widespread electronic hacking by the Murdoch newspaper empire is an accomplishment that to my knowledge has not been matched by another journalist either in the US or the UK. His reporting in the Murdoch Investigators group established his credentials here at Daily Kos in much the same way Marcy Wheeler's live blogging during the Scooter Libby trial established her integrity as a front rank journalist.  

      •  If you insist.... (6+ / 0-)

        Though I don't like to boast: just on UK Reporter of the Year on Social Media

        •  "I don't like to boast"... (0+ / 0-)

          ...sorry dude, but once I'm done laughing, I'll put my boots on...since "this" is getting "deep." ROFLMAO...but, knowing you're a writer, self-promotion is part of your culture. So, I won't "blame the player," I'll "blame the game."

          But, puhleez...spare us the feigned's unbecoming to those who've been reading your stuff for too many years.

          There's tremendous irony here, too, due to the fact that this ENTIRE THREAD commenced due to you publishing your initial version of this post which contained no links to the ACTUAL STORY (and only one modest sentence of your original copy was about that), but somehow you DID manage to "remember" to include (in the first iteration of this post) an essentially irrelevant (tangentially, at best, and then by thinnest of threads) piece that you posted in TNR 8 months ago (which comprised a good 65%-75% of everything that you did initially publish in this diary), and then a closing paragraph about "Rox/Sux." (And, those two items accounted for roughly 95% of the entire post's first iteration.)

          Just getting the chronology and FACTS straight, and reiterating the basic realities as to why this thread was started, in the first place.

          But, the self-evident IRONY of this entire "exercise" (in futility), as compounded by the comment to which I'm now responding, isn't lost on yours truly; and, I'd venture to guess there are others here--no, I know that others reading this got the same vibe I did, just by reading some of their comments--that caught this, too.

          Thanks for the laugh, Brit...classic!

          "I always thought if you worked hard enough and tried hard enough, things would work out. I was wrong." --Katharine Graham

          by bobswern on Wed Apr 16, 2014 at 02:33:16 AM PDT

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