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View Diary: Is Marine Le Pen a Fascist and a Fraud? French Courts Say “Oui!” (34 comments)

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  •  That's the topic of the diary I posted before this (0+ / 0-)


    What happens then is the constructive alternative in referenced in the title becomes obsolete as explained in the last few paragraphs.

    In other words, the only constructive alternative becomes a destructive alternative . . . if the word play doesn't ruin the concept. You know what I mean.

    Before it gets to that, there has to be a critical mass of people who see the status quo as an unvarying environment that doesn't even acknowledge their presence. It is completely resistant to any attempt to change it. More people are heading in that direction.

    It's possible that's why the Bonnets Rouges appeared from nowhere in Brittany though that could have been astroturf. The battles between protesters and police in Nantes recently are more indicative of rage that exceeds a tipping point.

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