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    I always trot out this quotation on news of engagements and weddings. It's from a woman who wrote some fan fiction back in the day, and I've kept her words on my various computers since I first found them.

    Suffice it to say that rejoicing in marriages is something I'm delighted to do; but I'm not much on orange blossom and white chiffon, and I never liked Mendelsohn above average, and what I love and honor most in marriage has least to do with pomp, and greeting-card passion, and most to do with courage and hope.  So...

    ... My love to you all;my blessings on your many marriages, whoever you are; and my admiration for all of you who have the bravery to pin your hearts on your sleeves, and give yourselves to the optimistic pursuit of love-in-mortality. My  equal admiration for those of you who face cold eternity without the comfort of marital bliss.

    That's the miracle of it.... to love so much, knowing so surely that someday it will go out like a candle, and never a promise or guarantee to tell us whether it's forever in some better world or not... only faith, and hope and valor to keep us going.  
    You told me once -- nothing is more courageous than love.  The hardest thing two people could do: hard to be kind in marriage, hard to be fair, hard to be patient, hard to listen and give.  Hard to take graciously.  And all of it with an absolute guarantee that if it doesn't end in failure it will end in death.  But I'd rather be brave, and have you while I can.
    The author is Peg Robinson, her full fanfic is still at Trekiverse

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