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View Diary: [UPDATE] Fitzgerald preparing indictments under the Espionage Act? (239 comments)

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  •  Not that I'm suggesting... (none)
    he be convicted of murder!  Just pointing out that even many murder convictions aren't water-tight, so why does a conviction under the Intelligence Identities Act have to be absolutely water-tight?
    •  Airtight (none)
      The reason PFitz wants an airtight case is not because of the law, but because of the people involved.  The bigger the kahunas he's going after, the better he wants his case to be; because if there's any loophole at all, they'll slip through it.

      Of course, Bush is just going to pardon them all anyway; the political fallout from that should be interesting.  Will that finally be an egregious enough act on Bush's part to enrage the general public?

      All of life is an unanswered question, but let's still believe in the dignity and importance of the questions. - Tennessee Williams

      by Leslie in CA on Sun Jul 10, 2005 at 07:44:02 AM PDT

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