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View Diary: [UPDATE] Fitzgerald preparing indictments under the Espionage Act? (239 comments)

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  •  Chalabi (none)
    I thought the same things, also. The only conclusion I could wrap my brain around is that they gave him the Iraqi position to keep him quiet. Hoping that allowing him to fleece the Iraqis of enough hush money that he won't keep feeding the Iranians... Maybe they feel he is too high profile to "disappear" him.

    Just my theory:)

    •  Alternatively, parts of the U.S. government (none)
      may realize that we need Iranian help to get out of Iraq.
      •  Damn! I did a diary on this (none)
        yesterday, tho I'm the first to say I know little about how the middle east works.

        Occurred to me after hearing that Iraq had made a deal for Iranian help with troop training, this--Iran to step in to help with security--might be the only thing that really could take the steam out of the insurgency.  Coupled with the US being willing to step out of the picture when asked, give up the permanent bases, etc.

        Love to hear your thoughts.

        Sorry, others, for taking the thread off topic

        •  That's possible (none)
          Aside from the Chinese, no one knows how to slap down dissention like the Iranians...

          Remember in the very early stages of the war there was a report that the Iranians had stopped a boat full of explosives from entering an Iraqi port?

          If you think about it, Bush's moronic rhetoric aside, his administration actually has more in common with the Iranians, than not. They both hate civil liberty more than words can express.

          Sometimes I think he spews his bullshit only to titillate his chest-thumping supporters...

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