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View Diary: [UPDATE] Fitzgerald preparing indictments under the Espionage Act? (239 comments)

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  •  Oh man that is beautifully envisioned (none)
    You've got all the quirks included.

    Yeah, I would have loved to see a smackdown.

    Sidetrack:  I wonder why Jon books them.  I know he loves to claim he's an equal opportunity basher and that they go after fake news on both sides, but it doesn't take a genius to know he's a liberal who can't friggin stand BushCo.

    Even from that interview, he knew Ari was a first rate liar... And if I recall, he pressed him -- as Jon always done when he has on right-leaning guests.

    I admire it a lot on the one hand. ANd he is always super-respectful to these individuals.. giving them time to spin the same-old in answering his questions.

    So I wonder what motivates Jon Stewart in doing this? Is it, for purely business reasons, to maintain at least the illusion of Fake News fair and balanced?  Or could it be that Jon being as sharp as he is, and probably immensely curious about hiw those minds operate, actually wants to get up-close-and-personal -- and look the perosn in the eye and ask the kinds of soft but nonetheless pointed questions he always asks like "why did you say such-and-such back then?" or "Do you now feel differently given how things turned out?" (that kind of thing) ... he knows they will spin and lie, and that he's never going to get another one of the heavies to appear on his show if he persists and picks apart their argument piece by piece (which you know he's doing in his head while he maintains his respectful posture)... So maybe it's a combination of just-plain-business in order to maintain some kind of access to the scum, plus an innate curiosity to see if in a different kind of setting they will guve anything away.

    Not a big deal, I just have wondered...

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