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  •  Virginia turnout (6+ / 0-)

    is the Mother of Presidents, the Commonwealth is where the most important battles of the Revolution and the Civil War were fought, and now is turning BLUE.

    Virginia was Democratic in 1965 when I moved here but it was Byrd Democrats left over from the 50's and massive resistance to school integration.

    We DID have the good sense in 1966 to elect one of the finest public servants to ever grace the Commonwealth, US Senator William B. Spong.

    1966 was a Republiacn year in Congress...the Democrats had run the table in the 1964 elections and after Kennedy's assassination they voted Democrats into seats where they had never gone before.

    LBJ asked Spong to run against incumbent US Senator Willis Robertson (that's right, Pat Robertson's daddy - now you know why Pat hates liberals so much) and Spong beat him like a drum in the Democratic primary, ending the Harry F. Byrd political machine and its racist connections to the Democratic Party.

    Soon the racists got the message and moved to the Republican Party.

    Spong beat someone named James P. Ould from the nonexistent Virginia Republican party in the general election by a mile.  What a win!

    Meanwhile the Republicans had Mark Hatfield (R-OR), Charles Percy (R-IL) and Howard Baker, Jr. (R-TN) defeat 3 long time Senate Democrats who had run into trouble over civil rights and the "tired of LBJ" factor.

    The House went strongly towards the right that year too.

    LBJ's majority was reduced and his power was never the same again as in 1965.

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