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View Diary: Brian Sandoval is first Republican governor to publicly seek renewal of unemployment compensation (36 comments)

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  •  Don't Take too Much from Sandoval's Endorsement (0+ / 0-)

    Yes, Brian Sandoval is a Republican (if you have any doubts, check out the gutted NV education budget).  But, and I know this rare in GOP politics, more than being a Republican, he is a Nevadan.  Nevada was really hit hard by the late Bush years recession and has been one of the slowest states to move measurably to recovery.  Don't take Sandoval's endorsement as a sign that the GOP might be moving in a sensible direction (cripes, Dean Heller is for an unemployment extension and he is waaaaaay to the right of Sandoval).

    I think in this case, Sandoval is just trying to take care of his (read that as NV) constituency. I would advise against reading this as any kind of precursor of GOP leadership sentiment change.  Sandoval is a throw back to the Ike era Republican; current Republican's would love to jump on his popularity, but none of them are going to endorse his overall platform.


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