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  •  Although you talk about... (0+ / 0-)

    the politics, you really didn't disprove what was quoted in the first box.

    Oklahoma is in the bottom ten in many categories (healthcare, teen birth rates, education).

    Like a previous poster said, Oklahoma doesn't stand out as much thanks to places like Mississippi.

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      Expat Okie

      the bottom ten in many categories but as a resident of the state it is very annoying to be painted as uneducated, poor and conservative with the broad brush that is usually followed by "fuck oklahoma" it's super red. I have a masters degree, and make a wage that would be well above average in any state (no I don't work for an oil company).

      Please don't think that everyone here is  an ignorant republican (redundant). OKC is a vibrant metro area with an NBA team and many infrastructure projects in progress to the tune of around $1 billion dollars over the last five or so years. It also boasts the countries lowest unemployment rate.

      It's true their is poverty here and many people without access to a decent education. But we also have a fine research university in OU and GE is currently building a massive research labratory which will spur even more infrastructure growth. With it, GE is bring high paying jobs to the area.  With some work and demographics on our side, OK can be turned a lovely shade of purple as the urban metro area continually grows and will eventually have more population that the rural areas of the state ( see Maryland  or Virginia)

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