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    BFSkinner, thankgodforairamerica

    Any movie that tries too hard to pigeonhole itself as one pure genre or another usually ends up being rubbish. The best movies cross several genres.

    •  Upon further contemplation... (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      BFSkinner, thankgodforairamerica

      The whole notion of 'genre' just confuses me. How  is "western" a genre, and not merely another (usually action/adventure, but certainly not exclusive to this) genre in a  particular setting? How is LOTR not action/adventure/drama/romance/horror, but instead generally accepted as fantasy because it takes place in a fictional universe with fantastical creatures and some who do magic? If that's the case, why is Star Wars not fantasy? Because it has space ships?
      My enjoyment of a movie exists completely independent of genre. I've seen treasure and I've seen rubbish from all genres.

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