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  •  Our slugs (1+ / 0-)
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    Polly Syllabic

    have been too big for our slow worms. Our slugs taunt and bully our slow worms. Supposedly our legless friends will eat small slugs and enjoy dining on slug eggs, but they don't seem up to the task of handling some of the monsters creeping around my garden.

    Over the last several years we've seen a population explosion of huge slugs that nothing native seems to want to eat. I've heard there's an Asian breed of duck that will gladly gobble them up. I'm not about to start raising ducks. I've tried many different methods of protecting my plants with varying degrees of inconsistent success.

    A couple of years ago while making my rounds of the garden on yet another machete-wielding killing spree I noticed a slug that had its tail end somewhat shriveled, with a patchy gray, almost moldy, appearance. I decided that perhaps this was finally Mother Nature stepping in to provide some much needed balance by wiping out these uncontrolled brutes with a fungal infection.

    I'm a live and let live gardener. You should see the playground for moles and gorgeous "weeds" that occasionally passes for a lawn when we mow it. But those slugs must have been invasive. They were out of control. This last year I changed my tactics. My lads and I were chopping up hundreds of slugs every morning and every evening on the weekends. I noticed that the slugs in the morning were dining on the protein-rich buffet that we'd prepared for them the previous night. I took up the cruel practice of collecting the slugs in a big jar of strong brine and then dumping their salty bodies in the ditch by the road-- except for the moldy looking slugs. I let those live in the hope that whatever they have is fatal and contagious.

    Geez, I'm a sick bastard.

    So far this year, even though spring is a month ahead of schedule, I've only seen tiny to middling sized slugs. The gargantuan brutes may be biding their time, but I'm optimistic, cautiously optimistic...

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