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  •  Bush painted these from Google searches. (1+ / 0-)
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    Base on a review of the paintings, for 30 of them he simply went to Google images and essentially painted on the image.

    [H]e Googled the world leaders he made such impactful relationships with himself, and took the first straight-on headshot he saw.
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    By outsourcing the editorial decisions about the source images to Google and Wikipedia, the rest of the paintings' decisions can be claimed by The Decider himself. The sources serve as an index of Bush's subjectivity, interpretations, and technique, only some of which is hinted at in his walkthrough. Maybe there's an audioguide? Whether they are successful artworks in critical or aesthetic terms is an entirely separate question. But it is disingenuous, dishonest, or delusional to claim Bush's paintings are not art.

    They are the art of our time. The art of the 21st century. The art of the Bush Era and the Global War on Terror that made him famous. And for many who care deeply about art, that is very depressing. And damning.

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