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View Diary: Actuaries confirm CBO predictions of modest premium increases under Obamacare (21 comments)

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  •  Sad that there are ANY increases at all... (0+ / 0-)

    As long as we have insurance reforms and private, for PROFIT distribution of medical services, there will be increases followed by increases forever. THere is no incentive to cut costs instead of increasing prices. Had we had the kind of health care enjoyed by every other developed country, increases would be tied to increases in VALUE. Thank GOd we have "something" - a minor set of controls on the policies being sold. What we don't have is HEALTH CARE. Just try to get logical, plain, medical help. A prescription medically required STILL has 5 sets of hoops to jump through even if it has been a daily thing for 3 years. Suddenly the Physician who WROTE the scrip has to FAX a re-authorization to insurance who then has to enter that into a computer and then get it approved In-House and then send the approval to the Pharmacy which still can deny it if the dose and quantity doesn't match exactly their list. So 5 people without any medical degree, with no patient experience or pharmacy experience are paid to slow it down, insert expense and possibly get the patient to pay cash rather than use insurance. at every level we have the most expensive method of ending up with medical help.

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