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  •  And the Fact (8+ / 0-)

    that Christie stated that B Kelly had NO Operational Authority ie. To make a decision like this to take place. If as Christie has stated a Jilted person did this (BK), Exactly how can others down the line listen to someone who they know has no authority to make a decision like this in the first place, And yet they carried it out anyway? Is Christie really this stupid to have us believe that someone that didn't have the power to make such a decision, Plan, Organize, and carry out this Traffic issue on their own? What an Idiot!!

    •  and where is Nunziato? (4+ / 0-)
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      he's the PA union chief police guy Baroni claimed had ordered the study, and who later recanted.   Chip Michaels worked for him.  Christie used to play at Chip's house. Chip drove around with Wildstein surveying the damage. PA police told drivers to blame Sokovich.  They also devised a way to make the traffic worse, by a long and useless diversion the Ft. Lee cops saw through but the PA police carried out, albeit in modified form. Renna said Wildstein was the only one kelly talked with, they were close, and she thought that was because of Stepien, he trusted Wildstein.

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