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  •  Do NOT feed it! (12+ / 0-)

    You can do one of several things:

    1) Look for a wildlife rehabilitation service in your area, and get the bird to it. They will take care of it.

    2) If if was laying under a nest, see if you can get it back into the nest. It's a myth that parent birds will abandon a chick that has been handled by people. No, they will take care of their baby once back in the nest.

    3) There is also the option of leaving the chick on the ground under the nest. The parents will be looking for it, and will take care of it, including picking it up themselves and flying it back to the nest. Obviously, if there are cats or other predators around, you don't want to do this.

    But rehabbers I've talked to have said one of the worst things to do is to try and feed an abandoned chick. We, who are not experts, will almost always do the wrong thing, either feeding it incorrectly or with the wrong food, and that is usually fatal.

    As a wild animal, a chick can stand some time without food and water until you get it to professional animal care.

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    by Senor Unoball on Thu Apr 17, 2014 at 10:15:04 AM PDT

    •  I'm going to call BEAKS in Jacksonville. (10+ / 0-)

      I can't take it to them, but maybe they can put me in contact with someone more local. I don't want to put it back near where it was, it will just get eaten by fire ants again. I also want to find out if he needs vet care because of the bites. Right now he's resting comfortably in the box nest we made him. We'll hold off on the feeding, he's not acting like he's in distress at the moment. We haven't been able to find the nest, but there are a lot of trees around the house. I'm not sure if he got blown out of the really tall tree across the street or one of the several in our yard.

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      by FloridaSNMOM on Thu Apr 17, 2014 at 10:21:19 AM PDT

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    •  Negative on that. (FYI More contact Info) (8+ / 0-)

      If you don't start feeding that baby it will die. Period.

      Baby birds burn up unbelievable calories just trying to stay warm, and they are growing so incredibly quick. It has a lot to do with their bones and feather formation.

      Don't feed it and you might as well dig a hole.

      Feeding it won't hurt the bird at this point as long as you feed it the correct kind of food. You are trying to pass it on to someone who can rehabilitate it for you.

      Places you can call:

      Petco, Petsmart
      your local zoo are places to start, to look for contacts for a local wildlife rehabilitator.

      I know that people say DONT FEED IT, and they mean well and it's sometimes appropriate. If this bird were hopping around and feathered, I would say, set it in the tree closest to where you found it and the parents will feed it. Blue Jays are like that.

      But this one is too small. It needs extra help.

      But it's your call.

      Additional resources: Scoll down to Florida--no listing for NE Florida.

      Here is another contact number
      (352) 371-4400
      This site claims that they help people throughout the state. It says:
       If you are in North Central Florida, please call our 24-hour helpline for information and referrals: (352) 371-4400.

      Here is a pdf page for licensed wildlife rehabilitators  via

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      by GreenMother on Thu Apr 17, 2014 at 11:00:51 AM PDT

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    •  the parents will fly it back to the nest? (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      enhydra lutris, Senor Unoball

      what the heck kind of bird does that? None that Im aware of.

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