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View Diary: Anything Russian 'in czarist times' is fair game in Putin's mind (405 comments)

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  •  Russia still openly menaces (4+ / 0-)

    the Baltic countries with military force quite regularly.  Poland somewhat less so, but has threatened it.  The only significant military rationale to Russia's Baltic fleet stationed at Kaliningrad is invasion by sea (check out that YT video from last summer of a huge Russian military hovercraft unexpectedly going ashore on a beach full of civilians near Kaliningrad) and to try to block NATO reinforcements from coming in by sea when the Russian army invades the Baltic countries.

    NATO exists precisely so that member countries menaced by Russia know that they have backup and can't be coerced with threats of military actions.   That's precisely why Ukraine wants in and when Belarus bails on Moscow it will want in fast, too.  

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