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View Diary: Anything Russian 'in czarist times' is fair game in Putin's mind (405 comments)

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  •  Well, these type of conflicts have occured... (2+ / 0-)
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    Ian Reifowitz, dopper0189

    in Europe for many centuries.  Trying to get "ports" or "access".  It's human nature.  Where to begin?  Ummm....hmmm...Phoenician holds to southern Sicily?  Carthaganian holds to Southern Spain?  Romans access to the Elbe (resulting in disaster in 9 AD), Perhaps the Caliphs of Spain wanting access to France).  Mongols all the way to the West, conquering Western Europe in Whole?  Kievan Rus to the Black sea?  Vikings to hold all the way to North Africa?  Perhaps England in Keeping their hold in France?  Ottomans advancing to Vienna?  Napoleon to England?  Russia and Crimea in the Crimean war? Unified Germany to more land in France?  Austro-Hungarian to keep more and more of Serbia and other areas of the Balkans?  Poland to continue to take over larger swaths of Western Ukraine and Belarus?  Obviously Hitler and Sudetenland and Austria? (obviously wanted much more).....list is endless...

    Should add, welcome to the modern era, EVERYONE on this planet will be involved.  Europe, the source of humanity's misery since 1000 AD....

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