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    We read and study the Gospel to affirm our own identity in reference to the story of Jesus Christ and finding that He emerged from a Hebraic chronology that opens with the cursing of Adam and his wife Eve, we concentrate on the differnce between good and evil. The theme of the divine story is that we inherit said original curse but can be saved by believing in Jesus Christ. It is possible to trace the arc of the story through history and when we do we find that earlier predictions always count toward the affirmation of the central holy theme in each new age. We are neither what we once were nor what we may become. We are in transit from evil to good.

    The Hebrew element in the story becomes reduced down to a Judaic component which claims to possess, even while still seeking to complete, a special commission set down by God in Heaven by which 'this chosen people' will own the world. Exceptionalism says 'our' group alone is exempt from the dark side of life and is therefore entitled to demand others to be like we are. But the whole point about the birth and life, and alleged death of Christ, is that we all and each face a crucial choice between 'good and evil.'

    Jesus dealt with the issue of sin in Gethsemane when He wrestled with the critical question of giving up His lfe in the flesh; He could only pray it was His Father's plan to preserve his life beyond death.

    The stark image of the Cross summarizes this crisis and lets us know we also face the same choice. The 'cross' per se, is an algebraic symbol that was first derived from ancient experiments and measurements of how sunlight forms shadows on a sundial. The Cross combines the phenomenon of how Infinite Time and our Human times are omni-concentric, meaning we are both eternal and mortal.  

    It is not constructuve of the truth to be blaming the Romans or the Sanhedrin, or the Jewish people as a whole and it is simply punditry of no consequence in history or in our individual lives, because the story of God is already writ and moving toward the future final consummation of the original meme, the elimination of evil and the ascension among the world's people of a global realm in which there is no more death.

    How might such a dramatic event happen?

    Revelation 12 says (to our family) that Mary will be (and already has been) reborn, and will give birth to Jesus a second time and then the Angel Michal will actively destroy Satan. After that struggle the New Heaven and New Earth will come about in which the 'old sin' no longer bears on life.

    Concerning the old conflict between the Church and the Synagogue & Mosque, YOU have no involvement in any of that and do better to be like Jesus than trying to identify some alien group to contend with as your part of the battle between good and evil world.

            'Sit under your own tree' and be like Christ to the best of your ability.  

    Jesus will certainly come to you and already has but until you come to Jesus in His context alone, you still sin. Truth is not found by defining Christ against the world but by defining the world against Jesus.

    Read Isaiah 45 carefully and accept that God, the person of the Father, does not conform to the general model illustrated by the Church but uses the people to complete the Kingdom, be it by good or by evil.

    Finally, we offer from our experience a forensically logical  alternative version of how Jesus 'rose' from the grave to be seen by many witnesses. If He prayed to be spared the 'cup' how might Heaven have achieved the crucifixion without hurting Messiah? If one reviews the details and considers the actors who were involved, it is more likely that Barabbus the Murderer died there, Not the Son of Mary. Centurion was His friend (Matt 8) and would have felt comfortable presenting that "Son of God" (Bar Abbus means son of the Father) to be tried (and possibly released) by Pilate. Why was Pilate's prisoner so reticent when we know Jesus loved to talk? It is a far more just story and religious instruction if they killed a murderer there, not an innocent. Then you can dispense with all the 'died for your sins' cant.

    Who was the young man in white linen around the scene?

    Our point is made it within an entire paradigm which denies that "I" was killed by anyone that weekend, that Jesus who had attained to the highest possible level of Being on Earth, clearly understood that there is no Death at all in any case but also saw that it must be thought by the world that He did die on a Cross in order to rise again in the same flesh so that the whole story should be carried on by the Church until this age. Otherwise how do fleshly humans locate ourselves within the drama?

    These are the kinds of ideas that make up the seven seals that Christ opens at the Coming.

    This makes the bible a lesson in Prayer, not in power over others.

    On this, Adam and Eve sinned by leaning not on God but on their own understandings, because "it was good for their food".

    So YOU should never mind all your labels and other generic concepts. We are Human before anything else and it is no use trying to distinguish our own guilt by seeing others as enemies or sinners against us and our Gods. God knows, literally, that gods are legion but the twice born Son of Mary is Messiah.

    You yourself might well be Jesus Christ and not know it!

    I was. and AM.

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