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View Diary: FBI and CIA Desperate Attempts To Cover Tracks (154 comments)

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  •  No one had missiles in silos in 1960, the election (0+ / 0-)

    of the 'missile gap'.  The US was just starting to put Atlas's in what were in reality 'bunkers' that were nothing but big fat targets.  Even the Titan I had to be cranked above ground for launch.

    As for the rest: you didn't read my whole comment did you?  Gap in throw weight or not, it actually did not matter and in fact lead to the counterproductive and destabilizing arms race.  The notion that the USSR would detonate a hundreds of nukes over the US heartland and we would not respond against their cities bc the Soviet targets were our silos was insane.

    As for the Buran or actual deployment #s, the problem is that these programs take time and planning is based on 'enemy' potential.  IOW, you plan not for what your opponent has but for the worse case scenario of what he can have at the future time of conflict.  Now, that generally works in conventional warfare planning.  However, as I have repeated said history shows it to be insanely counterproductive and destabilizing policy with nuclear weapons.  The better policy proved to be survivability of enough delivery systems for apocalyptic counterattack thru hardening and subs.  Lots cheaper too.

    As for your system critique of the US security apparatus: I did not address it, nor will I.  Tho, personally, I believe it to be a pretty much inevitable consequence of world empire.  But that is a far longer discussion for another time.

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