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View Diary: Hold the Press, This Is As Big As Limbaugh's Mouth! (19 comments)

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    Limbaugh's infinite verbal vile that should have highly offended even the most stalwart Ditto-head but instead reinforced their hardhearted bigotry all the more (something that perplexed me for years). I had put together several clips of his talk radio quotes and uploaded them to YouTube out of frustration that I was helpless to do anything more. No matter who or what criticized him, he kept bouncing back even equating the loss of some of his advertisers as the same as losing a few French-fries from a container. I stopped reading the comments on some of my YouTube videos pertaining to Limbaugh because the Ditto-heads would defend him with the usual hate filled rhetoric that mirrored the Rushbo style. He was their Hero!

    A search for truth will find injustice!

    by thinkingblue on Mon Apr 21, 2014 at 07:43:20 AM PDT

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