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  •  Fto, move on, corps are only 11% of contributions, (4+ / 0-)

    the issue effectively handled during the New Deal- it's the human plutocrats, after McCutcheon about 636 billionaires are invited to bid on ownership of the two parties. With McCutcheon- the Court has moved past corporate speech, even past free speech except as a slogan. Roberts is going after Congress's Art. 1 Sec 4 and 5 power, says Congress regulating elections is a conflict of interest. So if Congress wanted to abandon the criminal conspiracy the Court won't let it, e.g. Durbin's bill would be struck down under Arizona Free Enterprise Club.

    Scalia advocates a tax revolt. On April 2, Roberts pretty much said bring it (revolution) on, by saying our new metastasized party-based wholesale systemic corruption is constitutional free speech, Armerican as apple pie and motherhood. That is, it would take an anticorruption revolution to revive Congress's regulatory power, Roberts having amended the Constitution to make money synonymous with sovereignty.  

    Roberts made a strategic decision. He avoided deligitimization of the Court by switching in time on ACA in order to get a pass on McCutcheon. But Robertsgate just got hotter as McCutcheon is a cover up of CU. Roberts lost credibility with Arizona Free Enterprise Club and now no con law prof could teach McCutcheon without mentioning the attack on textually committed Congressional powers. The revolution to guarantee a republican form of government (Art. 4 Sec. 4,)  will come from disenfranchised voters as Breyer described us, against the Court, by legislation dismantling Roberts' Ponzi sceme, ending the Court's veto over anticorruption legislation. Pretty straight forward politics as with the New Deal and civil rights, or Reconstruction Ex Parte McCardle. Roberts' defenders are the guns and money crowd, Scalia campaigning for his recent legislation in Shelby County and other new laws signals his support for their alliance on the issue of taxes, even though the guns crowd says they hate plutocrats. That the Roberts 5, war consigliere for plutocracy, are not political is like saying Nixon was not a crook.

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