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    You don't get to define Christianity that way. The books of the Bible were assembled over a number of decades with any sort of interpretation possible. The reality is we don't have the exact words of Jesus. Nor is it clear how we should interpret them if we do. Matthew's account is clearly a push for an even more strict Judaism. Paul is clearly a much stronger push away from the old Judaism with a stronger streak of asceticm. There is the neoplatonism in John(and Thomas) with associated supremacy. I can get very many things out of the Bible, and while to you there is some deep truth underneath, to me they are all equally valid, just as the many interpretations of Pale Fire are valid. Some are morally reprehensible, but there simply isn't one "truth" in reality.

    I don't "give up on you", but let's be clear the majority of right wing Republicans are Christians, and they use the Bible to support their hate. There are many kind and liberal Christians, but they aren't the only "True" Christians.

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