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    But to tell yo the truth, most of the time the "mocking" diaries found here are historically quite enlightening.  I know there are the few that are of the "you are stupid" variety, but many times they are more informative than this.  It is kind of like reading a Bart Ehrman book, reasonably sensitive and very informative.  Trouble is, so many Christians do not know where their beliefs come from or what they mean including myself.  I will say that this community has frequently informed by beliefs - as any good debate should do.  The Bible informs my beliefs - but it doesnt support them - as should be the case generally I think.  I think the difficulty isnt the faith - it isnt the intent of those upon which the faith is based like Christ - but it is the institutions as has been said above.  And it is these institutions that seem to get the "mocking."  I say as long as that "mocking" recognizes that not all Christians behave this way - then have at it.  We need to tear down the false idols that the Falwells, the Grahms, and the 700 clubs erect and that so often shadow faith.  If you take religion, or Christianity as the set of political actions we are constantly told it is - I just dont see who could believe in it.  But if you tear away all of this tripe, then the underlying basis can be - for some but not all -  that simple and reinforcing stable point that some of us need in our lives.  I have seen more young people turn from faith because of politics over the last few years than I can believe.  When asked "how could you believe in this stuff?" I point them to the kos and they say "Oh, I see you DONT believe in this hogwash.  You actually believe in something quite different." No preaching - just a better explanation of who I am.  It converts no one except myself.

    Just my take

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