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View Diary: Rick Perry is back and he's even awesomer than before, and oh, those glasses make him look so SMART! (178 comments)

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  •  In his defense (1+ / 0-)
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    wilderness voice

    I have to use glasses for distance, and I don't see any serious distortions in my face when I look in the mirror.  When I take the glasses off I see that the indentation of my eyes are exaggerated with the glasses on, but it's not immediately evident just looking at me with them on.

    I suspect the script is not very strong, and I'd question if he really needs them to give a speech or interview.  We'll see if he has to take them off to read anything close, I guess.

    •  Even if he were seriously visually impaired (0+ / 0-)

      he wouldn't need glasses for an interview or speech. You need to know how to react to other people's body language and facial reactions and adjust what you're saying accordingly. He doesn't care enough about other people to even bother with that.

      •  I need glasses just to function (0+ / 0-)

        "Flying blind" would make me totally insecure in public. But then again, I have been wearing glasses since first grade when my teacher called my mother and told her my cross-eyed squint looked "frightening."

        261.A wealthy man can afford anything except a conscience. -Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

        by MaikeH on Mon Apr 21, 2014 at 11:22:18 AM PDT

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    •  none of this "in his defence" :) (4+ / 0-)

      this is Glassgate !

      glasses worn just for image,   fashion glasses!  

      Are the real or not Rick!?

      can we see the long form prescription form!

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