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  •  Don't forget the Spanish (none)
    Spain has made tremendous gains in wind power and now ranks up there with the Danes and Germans in terms of power MW from wind. At the end of 2002, Spain was #2 in wind power generation in Europe at 4830 installed MW compared to Germany's massive 12,001 MW hrs.  

    Big spanish prodcuers like Gamesa have been introducing wind power into Latin America.  Gamesa is highly dependent on Vestas for the tech but they manufacture the trubines themselves.

    •  MW? MW hrs? not the same! (none)
      Actually, from the same site:  The global wind power industry installed 7,976 megawatts (MW) in 2004, an increase in total installed generating capacity of 20%, according to figures released today by the Global Wind Energy Council - GWEC. Global wind power capacity has grown to 47,317MW. The countries with the highest total installed wind power capacity are Germany (16,629 MW), Spain (8,263 MW), the United States (6,740 MW), Denmark (3,117 MW) and India (3,000 MW).

      I was in Andalusia during Spring break.  Almost every mountain ridge in the vicinity of Strait of Gibraltar has a line of wind turbines.

      •  Navarra 2003 (none)
        the region gets a huge amount of energy from windmills and hydro power.  I always found the line of windmills on the ridge line south of the city to be quite striking like something out of don Quixote.

        I think that one of the big stories  out of Gamesa the big Spanish manufaturer is that they can bring wind power to Latin America.

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