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  •  There are two broad categories of solar.. (none)

    One is PV - the usual solar cells that we all know about already.

    The second is solar thermal.  The basic idea is that  you use the sun's heat to make steam, which then turns turbines and makes electricity.

    There is a third possibility that someone is Australia is thinking about - you build a huge chimney with a sort of a large skirt around it. Solar warming of the ground causes warm air to rise through the chimney where there are wind turbines to capture the energy.  Don't know much about the economics though.  It is a unique idea though.

    My recollection is that for large scale projects, that solar thermal is about half the price of PV, and maybe double the price of wind.  These are just vague recollections, so don't take these numbers to be terribly accurate or uptodate.  I recall seeing it somewhere relatively recently though - if I can remember where I saw it, I will post a link.

    For a homeowner who wants to generate electricity, PV is the only way to go.

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